2010 Defense Game by Game Trends

In 2010 at least the USC offense has a a seven game stretch where it looked in good shape at times (see trends). However the defense in contrast did not even have a stretch of 7 quarters let along 7 games where it looked good in 2010. This was by far the worst defense played in the past decade for USC and in reality some of the numbers were among the all time worst ever for USC. It is hard to believe the the defense could possible be this bad again in 2011. Pressure from the front seven should be better and the secondary will have another year of experience. LB play is still a big question mark and depth overall is of course a concern. Here is a look at the 2010 game by game stats for review.

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  • Kevin

    Art….welcome back. Good stuff and I’m digesting it now. Suffice it to say a repeat of 2010 defense or even 2009 and we will have a poor season. Conversely an improved defense will help Barkley alot and the offense get their game together.