Kansas State Wildcat Play: Split Zone

I have some interesting clips of Kansas State’s version of the Wildcat play from this past season. Unlike the USC Trojan’s who just ran it 30 times over the course of the year Kansas State made it a much bigger part of their offense. I don’t have numbers but they easily ran it three times as often as USC ran their version. Also unlike USC who only had a handful of plays run out of the formation Kansas State ran at least 14 different plays out of the formation. Kansas State finished up the season ranked just ahead of the Trojans in the rushing yards per game statistics at 22nd in the nation and 199.5 yards per game average. Star tailback senior tailback Daniel Thomas who took the snaps out of the formation wound up 8th in the nation at 121.9 yards per game and a 5.3 yards per carry average.

I’ll post each of the plays that I have video for over the next week or two. Unfortunately I don’t have diagrams of the play but you can hear the narration explaining the gist of the play in the video.

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