Down for Site Maintenance

Apologies to all Trojan Football Analysis visitors. We will be down for a few days for site maintenance reasons. I am switching web hosts and I am setting up the site from scratch again due to security and convenience concerns. I should be able to restore all files and have things up and running again in a week or so (knock on wood).

8 comments to Down for Site Maintenance

  • basher

    Hey, You had previously had a 2009 top gun qb manual posted. Is there a way You could get that up again or provide a link.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • admin

    Yes, I should be able to get that one up. Some difficulties emerged in moving the database over. I will get it sorted out over the next week I think.

  • huskerfan

    Will you be adding everything that was posted the previous year? You had some very good stuff on there, I would like to have a chance to look through it all again. Thanks.

  • huskerfan

    Mainly, the entire Nebraska offense that you posted, it was excellent. The video and teaching/clinic tapes that went along with it were great.

  • admin

    I will resurrect what I can as long as it was not infected or lost.

  • admin

    I should be able to get the Nebraska stuff back up. That is a priority. It will just take some time to get all the video clips again.


    Do you still have access to the video where USC ran plays to attack cover 4.

  • artoftroy

    I am afraid that it was lost when I cleaned up the site a year or so ago. Someone type of virus was injected into the site and unfortunately a lot of things had to be jettisoned in the clean up process.