Lead Iso Weak Play vs. Hawaii

In the recent game versus Hawaii the USC rushing attack got off to a nice start totaling 246 yards on 35 rush attempts for a healthy 7.0 yard average. Most of the damage was done from one back sets on inside zone plays weak, and a few outside zone plays run to the strong side. However quite a few yards were also racked up on the basic lead isolation play run to the weak side out of the I formation and 21 personnel. If you watched closely the first play of the game and the first play of the third quarter were both isolation plays to the weak side.

In addition in crunch time with the offense trying to run out the clock the staff also elected to run the lead isolation play weak on 3rd and 15 with CJ Gable in the backfield. The play highlighted below in pictures easily converted the first down and enabled the Trojan offense to kill the clock at the end of the game. I’ll show some pictures of the play, add some video of a few of the runs and provide some text on the play courtesy of ex-offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian down below for anyone interested.

Images of Isolation Lead Weak ( Note: click on image twice to generate a larger size)

The play also known in various circles as “BOB” (Fullback on Linebacker) is old and common to many teams. To run the play successfully you have to have a fullback in the offense and execute several blocks correctly. In a 2009 coaching presentation Steve Sarkisian detailed the run play versus Under and Over defensive fronts.

I’ll paste a link to the image here if you want to download and read the coaching points on the play (click).

For a video of the runs here is a short clip of several including CJ Gable’s run from above (click here)

2 comments to USC Lead Iso Weak Run Play vs. Hawaii

  • Trent Mynatt

    I really enjoy reading your stuff and some of the pictures and video clips that you have. I noticed that there is some stuff in here about the running game that Coach Sarkisian wrote about in a clinic. Is there anyway that someone can get that stuff or is it available other places online?

    You can obtain a copy of the presentation by ordering the 2010 Nike Coach of the Year (COY) Clinic Presentations. I got mine through the Coaches Choice website but I think it is on Amazon as well.

    Link to book

  • al sowins

    We ran this out of a ProRight, with the FB on Will and the HB waiting,4 yards deep, reading until receiving the handoff from the QB, who sprinted left.
    Another very effective blocking scheme was: LG and LT zone from DRT to Will; FB on DRE; C on #1 to his right; RG pull on Willy; RT pull on CB; TE chuck DLE and shield Sam;
    Wide onside scuffle #4 and shield #5.