Stanford Runs

I had a request to re-post some of the Stanford running game from the old site. Here is what I was able to retrieve.

Here is a sample of the running plays Stanford used versus USC to rack up 325 yards on the ground on 50 carries. For simplicity I just looked at the plays for Stanford that gained +9 yards or more. Here is a histogram of all the Cardinal runs in the game.

Stanford had 15 running plays in the game that gained 9 yards or more in the contest. An impressive 9 of these went for 12 yards or more…

Here is a list of the type of plays that Stanford ran resulting ing +9 yards on the ground first by type and then ordered by gain…

Most of the damage was done in the +9 yard runs on the basic power play by Stanford. That is a little misleading however as five of the six big Power play runs came in the 4th quarter when Stanford put the game away.

As you will see in the video down below earlier in the contest USC has trouble with Stanford running plays out of the shotgun when the tackle pulled and functioned as a lead blocker for the tailback Gerhart. According to the staff this was a small new wrinkle that caught USC off guard early on. QB Andrew Luck had three runs of +9 yards but only one looked to be a designed running play. The other two were scrambles off designed pass plays. Here is the list of the +9 plays re-ordered in terms of yards gained.

Embarrassingly it was mostly vanilla stuff and just great execution and technique on the part of Stanford’s offensive line. The USC defense looked as bad as I have ever seen it during the Pete Carroll era…no one looked good at all. I’ll put up the 2009 YTD trend stats for the defense tomorrow…most categories are at “lows” for the Pete Carroll era especially run defense.

Here is a video of the +9 yard Stanford running plays. It was a very good clinic in physical football…the type of thing that USC used to do to teams in the past. Wonder how it felt with the shoe on the other foot for a change. (Note: Runs in the video are organized in the order the +9 runs occurred in the game and not by type.)

Stanford +9 Runs vs USC 2009

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  • Tony was a beast in that game hopefully monty kiffin can prevent this from happening agian.

  • Sean Dougherty

    Hi Art,
    I was glad you brought back the Stanford Runs article. I would like to watch the video but I get a message indicating that the video is not availble.

    Anyway you could forward it my e-mail address directly?? I realise the site takes tons of your time, on the other hand it was incredibly informative and a great source of ideas. Any idea where I can source “football” information similar to your site – obviously not as good but informative nonetheless.


    Sean Dougherty
    Concordia University
    QB Coach