Ohio State Offense vs 2008 USC Defense - Part 4 (Other Runs)

My guess is that Ohio State will run some power and counter out two back sets, and a lot of zone option read on Saturday along with Terrelle Pryor designed draws and roll out keeper plays. That will be the 80% of the Buckeye run game on Saturday. If USC can shut it down as well as the Trojans did in 2008 they should manage to win the game even with a freshman QB at the helm. If Ohio State moves the chains on those plays consistently then it might turn into Tressel ball and I don’t like the thought of facing him in Columbus in a low scoring ball game.

Besides the run play types I mentioned above Ohio State will runs some other plays as well to keep USC off balance. In 2008 Ohio State ran speed option,the toss play, and one tailback draw play. If Ohio State has a healthy fullback this season that they have confidence in then fewer one back power plays will probably result…I am not up to speed on their roster and personnel yet this season…Below are some images of speed option which I definitely think USC will see on Saturday. For the other plays I will just post the video down below.


Ohio State Speed Option Play versus USC 2008 – SL View

Here Ohio State has twin receivers to the right and wide side of the field and a split receiver left into the boundary. The QB is in shotgun and two backs are split…one has an extra wide split to the left putting him out in WR territory but at tailback depth… Ohio State had been throwing the bubble screen to the 3WR side of the formation much of the game. As a counter to that play they elect to run speed option into the boundary.
On this play the DE collapsed on the QB and forced the pitch to the tailback. The USC corner looked like he was playing some sort of read technique out of a 2 high safety scheme…the corner has to force the play back inside then either the LB or the safety has to come all the way down and make the play USC’s lateral pursuit by the LB on this play was pretty good and forced the back out of bounds. Still it picked up a half dozen yards and moved the chains. I expect to see this play several times on Saturday.

Video of Speed Option

Video of One Back Power Plays

Video of Toss Play

Video of TB Draw Play

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