TFA Site Update

Well it has been a very trying  past week for me to say the least. For those that have visited this site in the last month or so you may have received warnings from either Google or your browser that this site was suspected of hosting malware. This happened to me once about a year ago and it wound up being a false alarm so I was hoping that it was the same result this time. Unfortunately it was not. Somehow different types of malware did indeed exist on this website indicating that it was hacked into in some fashion which I could not discern.

The web hosting service claimed that it was the fault of the WordPress content management software or my passwords had been compromised. The WordPress service side seemed to think that the version I was running at the time could not be compromised in the way indicated. Some other sites with similar problems blamed it on the web hosting company I was using…In the end I gave up trying to figure out what actually happened due to time, frustration, and resources. Instead I set up the site again from scratch with a new host provider with better security, upgraded the software I was running to the latest version, and reset all my different passwords.

So essentially the site has been wiped clean, moved, and started again from scratch. The different bugs no longer exist and I could not even figure out what they were even doing anyway. My computers at home never seem to have been infected from what I can tell. I hope everyone visiting this site has some sort of anti-virus protection on their machine. Scans by a third party associated with Google now report the site to be clean and they have removed the warning associate with this site.

Unfortunately I can not simply bring over the old database of posts and comments in one piece. In theory it is possible but in reality some of the files were tainted, I have changed various directories on this site, and I don’t want to take any risks. I will be bringing back the most widely read posts from the old site – Nebraska running game, Oregon Rush Attack, Texas Tech Air Raid Clips, Utah 2003 Offense Examples, USC Pete Carrol Presentations, Cal Bears Power Play, and Ron Jenkins related material, and some other USC related stuff.  If there is something else of interest send me a message and I will try and salvage it.

So for the next couple of weeks I will just be re-posting old stuff and trying to make the video and images work again. Old links on other sites back to this material will no longer work as I have changed directories and possibly even naming conventions. Apologies for all the dead links that will be created out there. If this site is hacked again I will probably just hang it up…I lost far too many hours of sleep trying to figure out what was going on and how to fix it. I hope this fix lasts and the problem does not recur.

3 comments to TFA Site Update

  • Hi. Great posts. You really have some great stuff up for the die-hard fan. I was hoping you could re-post the work you did explaining Pete Carroll’s 4-3 Elephant. I’m a Seahawks fan and think he is going to incorporate it this upcoming season. Now that the Seahawks roster is a little more settled I wanted to return to your posts on the defense and they were gone!

    I appreciate it, but understand if there is more USC-centric work to be done first.


    As luck would have it that was one of the corrupted files with all kinds of malware lurking inside. As such I am afraid to load it up again. I’ll see if there is a way to clean it somehow and retrieve it over the next couple of days.

  • Coach P

    Love your website. I got hit with a virus from the old site. No worries, thanks for the updates and can’t wait for your posts.

    Sorry about that. It should all be cleared up now. Hopefully the hackers will more onto different targets…

  • Chis L.

    My friends and I love your website. It’s one of the best on the internet, and I’m glad it’s in the Trojan family. It’s also the only thing that gets me and my die-hard friends through the off-season. Thank you!

    Because of the complexity of some of your material, I’m creating some of my own explanations to post on YouTube. When I’m finished, I’d love to show them to you.

    Please send a link when you are complete and I’ll be glad to take a look at it.