Texas Tech Air Raid - Pass Play 95 (Y Cross)

Here is pass play 95 also known as Y Cross in the Texas Tech passing game. In the BYU offense it was known as pass play 69 and run mainly from under center. The reads at BYU according to Norm Chow were as follows:

5 step drop – hitch up only if you need to. Eye HB: HB = #1; Y = #2. QB & receiver MUST make eye contact vs. man. Vs. zone – receiver finds seam (takes it a little wider vs. 5 under). Only time you go to Y is if Will LB and Mike LB squeeze HB. If Will comes & F/S moves over on HB – HB is “HOT” and will turn flat quick and run away from F/S. Otherwise HB runs at his man to reinforce his position before making his break.

If the diagram and text below is correct and I assume it is then Texas Tech appears to have the QB read the play slightly differently (X is read first, Y second and the back third)…On these kinds of details I obviously don’t know but I mention it in case any passing game gurus out there reading this know one way or the other.


Video of Y Cross

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