Texas Tech Air Raid - Pass Play 94 (Y Sail)

Here is another great play from the Texas Tech playbook – pass play 94 Y-Sail. Almost always the play is made to the TE side of the field and one of the first three reads is open. Basically the play is a type of strong side flood route to the right side of the field in this case. The Flanker Z gets deep to stretch the coverage, the TE Y basis his route off the coverage and the back is a check down receiver in the flats in case Y and Z are both covered. In the old BYU playbook Y-sail was called pass play 65 and it had the following reads according to Chow:

“65” – Y-SAIL/STRONG FLOOD – 5 step drop and hitch. Read the S/S. Peek at Z #1; Y = #2; FB = #3. As you eyeball #2 & see color (F/S flash to Y) go to post to X. Vs. 2 deep zone go to Z = #1 to Y = #2 off S/S.

On Chris Brown’s Smart Football site here are the rest of the BYU pass plays for those interested (click here). Alternatively I have posted some of the old BYU plays here as well. Click here for a Lavell Edwards presentation. Or here for some articles published over the past couple of decades.

Here is an example of Y-Sail with the reads that Texas Tech was using at least as of 2003. Also down below further are some video examples.


Video clips of pass play 94

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