Texas Tech Air Raid - Pass Play 92 (Mesh)

This is probably my favorite pass play in all of football. The possibilities are almost endless with this play and it can work versus any coverage. Texas Tech runs a base version of the play and then has several tags (PCP, Return, Wheel, Double Wheel, H Corner, Double Seam, etc.) to make it even more multiple in terms of attack. Given the effectiveness of this play there is quite a lot of material written about it already…here are just a few links:

American Football Monthly has a version of the play (click here) run from a bunch formation. Note to USC fans the Trojans run it from bunch quite often as well.

Chris Hatcher describes a version of the play in a pdf file here that ran in GridIron Strategies.

Another Chris Hatcher description of the play is here as well.

Lavelle Edwards retired head coach of BYU describes his version of the play (scroll down to figure #8)

Chris Brown has multiple references to mesh and other plays as well in his Air Raid section on Smart Football.


Another version of the play is here with Z aligned to the same side as X.


Here are a few plays in the “mesh” family including some of the popular tags used by Texas Tech.

Mesh Video Clips

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