Kansas State Wildcat Play: Tackle Trap

Here is a look at Kansas State’s tackle trap play out of their Wildcat formation.

Kansas State Wildcat Play: Zone Option Read

Here is the 4th play that Kansas State likes to run out of their Wildcat formation. This one is the basic zone option read play of the DE. KSU likes to run it away from the TE for simplicity. This one is a good example of how backside pursuit by the LB is distracted by […]

Kansas State Wildcat Play: Iso Lead Run

Here is a 3rd play out of the Wildcat formation for Kansas State. Just a basic isolation lead draw play with the back taking the direct snap and following the fullback instead of receiving a hand off from the QB.

Kansas State Wildcat Play: Zone Counter

After setting teams up with their bread and butter split zone play out of the Wildcat formation Kansas State likes to come back with the zone counter play. Here is the video and a short description.

Kansas State Wildcat Play: Split Zone

I have some interesting clips of Kansas State’s version of the Wildcat play from this past season. Unlike the USC Trojan’s who just ran it 30 times over the course of the year Kansas State made it a much bigger part of their offense. I don’t have numbers but they easily ran it three times […]

USC Wildcat Plays 2010 Review

A curious reader sent me an e-mail question asking if I knew how many times USC ran their version of the “Wildcat” play during the 2010 and asked how successful was the play. Here is a breakout of the 30 plays from the season and how they worked for the Trojans.  In general the USC […]