Game 7: USC Defense vs. Cal Offense

Half way through the first quarter of the recent contest I started wondering “Okay, who are these guys and where have they been all season?”. Such was my reluctant attitude toward the defense after the first six games of the year. This was the sort of effort, desire, and performance that I thought was possible […]

Game 6 USC Offense Trends

The USC defense is unfortunately doing a nice job of spoiling what is an otherwise pretty good year for the Trojan offense. Six games marks the half way point for the season and the USC offense surprisingly compares very favorably to the recent past. Usually the numbers go down slightly the second half of the […]

Game 5 USC Defense Notes

There are lots of different ways to lose a football game and none of them are very pretty. Giving up big chunks of yardage to an average opponent and failing to make stops at critical junctures however is certainly one of the more annoying ways to do it. If Matt Barkley completed a couple of […]