USC 2010 Spring Running Game

So far it appears that the running game is the problem spot for the USC offense after only a week of practice. There have been two Saturday scrimmages and the passing game so far has appeared to been stronger side of the offense so far. Matt Barkley is 30 of 48 passing for a 62.5% […]

USC 2010 Spring Practice Clips

Here are a couple of nice plays from last Saturday’s spring practice scrimmage at USC. The athletic department put up the two main highlight plays on YouTube for people to see. On the first play DaJohn Harris strips the ball from QB Mustain and almost takes it the distance. On the second play the 50+ […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 2

In a previous post I threw up some slides from a Monte Kiffin presentation on his defensive philosophy. Let’s take a closer look at some of what he actually does on defense based upon some video from last season at Tennessee versus Ohio.

For starters here is three minutes of some video. Coaching film is courtesy […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 1

Here are some simple notes on what USC fans can expect from a Monte Kiffin defense in 2010. I don’t think it will be all that different from a Pete Carroll defense but I think Kiffin is probably better at teaching technique and getting the most out of his players. We’ll see what happens in […]

Nebraska Running Game - Part 8 (Power & Shovel)

Here are the final two plays from the Nebraska rushing game for which I have some video. This post will end the eight part look at the Nebraska rushing offense of the 1980’s and 90’s. I may take apart an entire sample game time allowing later in the Spring or Summer. Unfortunately I was not […]

TFA Site Update

Well it has been a very trying  past week for me to say the least. For those that have visited this site in the last month or so you may have received warnings from either Google or your browser that this site was suspected of hosting malware. This happened to me once about a year […]

Nebraska Running Game - Part 7 (CS & CT)

A very successful part of the old Nebraska rush attack was the counter game including a counter sweep play, a counter trap play, and a reverse off of the sweep version. During the 1995 season for example the counter game averaged 6.5 yards per carry. Some years it gained as many as 10 yards on […]

Nebraska Running Game - Part 6 (Trap Plays)

The Nebraska rush offense received a lot of attention for being an “option” attack but the truth is option football was only a part of a well thought out and balanced rush attack. A related and important part of the option attack was the complementary trap style of run play. These trapping type of plays […]

Nebraska Running Game - Part 5 (OZ Option Runs)

In addition to the two run plays discussed in the previous post on Nebraska’s outside running scheme there were three main option plays used with this blocking scheme as well. The three options mentioned by Milt Tenopir in his book “The Assembly Line” were Nebraska’s 1) base dive option, 2) speed option, and 3) trap […]

Nebraska Running Game - Part 4 (OZ)

The next part of the Nebraska running game of the 1990’s that I want to look at is the family of run plays in the outside zone category. According to former offensive line coach Milt Tenopir there were five primary types of plays run behind this blocking scheme. The five main ones were the Pitch […]