Dennis Erickson 1 Back Philosophy

Below are some links to posts on Matthew Brophy’s site about the basic one back philosophy of Dennis Erickson over the years. His coaching background includes moves from Idaho to Wyoming to Washington State to Miami to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL then back to college and to Oregon State then San Francisco in […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 2

In a previous post I threw up some slides from a Monte Kiffin presentation on his defensive philosophy. Let’s take a closer look at some of what he actually does on defense based upon some video from last season at Tennessee versus Ohio.

For starters here is three minutes of some video. Coaching film is courtesy […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 1

Here are some simple notes on what USC fans can expect from a Monte Kiffin defense in 2010. I don’t think it will be all that different from a Pete Carroll defense but I think Kiffin is probably better at teaching technique and getting the most out of his players. We’ll see what happens in […]

USC 4-3 Under Defense Blitz Plays - Pete Carroll

Here is another presentation that I have been meaning to bring over to this portion of the site. In this presentation Pete Carroll describes some of the basics of the 4-3 under front he generally employs and some of the common blitz packages. Below I’ll reproduce the article and insert a video of some blitzes […]

USC 4-3 Under Defense - Pete Carroll

This article is a re-post that I have been meaning to move over onto the new area of the site for some time now. USC is not strictly and under front as the Trojans have used a double eagle alignment the past couple of seasons.

2008 Oregon Rush Attack - Chip Kelly Comments

The Oregon Ducks own the most successful rush attack in the Pac-10 the past two seasons. You can see the marked improvement in the run game since the arrival of former OC / current head coach Chip Kelly. In both of the past two seasons Oregon has averaged over 250 rush yards per game.

BYU Passing Game - Lavell Edwards

This is a re-post of previous material from a couple of years ago. For simplicity I am trying to move all BYU passing game material into a common area with search tags. The following summary is from a speech given by Lavell Edwards back in the 1980’s about the BYU passing game.

BYU Passing Game

Lavell […]

BYU Offense - Articles & Playbooks

The old BYU passing game of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s was a remarkable achievement for its time. Today a 300 or 400+ yard passing game is quite common in college football but 30+ years ago it was exceedingly rare. Back when it was accepted conventional wisdom to run the ball and pass mainly on […]

Coaching the Quartback – Paul Hackett 1980

Just one more day until USC football kicks off for 2009. Here is an old USC presentation from 1980 for anyone interested. Before Paul Hackett blew his reputation as a head coach via his stint with USC he was at one time a highly regarded QB coach and offensive coordinator. Bill Walsh though highly enough […]

John Robinson - Offensive Adjustments 1982

For those looking to pass the time at the tail end of this long off season here is an old six page coaching presentation by former USC coach John Robinson given back in the spring of 1982. USC was coming off of a 9 win and 3 loss season in 1981 and a defeat in […]