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Found this short excerpt of some linebacker drills from the Pete Carroll / Ken Norton era of defense at USC.

2001-2010 USC Main Defense Trends

Here is a look at how the 2010 USC defense compared to previous squads. There was very little good about the 2010 defense. The squad closed on a betterĀ  note versus UCLA but overall it was among the worst units ever to set foot on the field for the Trojans. Here is how the squad […]

2010 Defense Game by Game Trends

In 2010 at least the USC offense has a a seven game stretch where it looked in good shape at times (see trends). However the defense in contrast did not even have a stretch of 7 quarters let along 7 games where it looked good in 2010. This was by far the worst defense played […]

Defensive Technique Numbering System

Here was a fun comment by Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson in the 2009 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Manual regarding how they number the defensive technique spots.

We use the same system of numbering the defensive alignment that Coach Bear Bryant did. If there is a defender heads up on the center he […]

Game 7: USC Defense vs. Cal Offense

Half way through the first quarter of the recent contest I started wondering “Okay, who are these guys and where have they been all season?”. Such was my reluctant attitude toward the defense after the first six games of the year. This was the sort of effort, desire, and performance that I thought was possible […]

Game 5 USC Defense Notes

There are lots of different ways to lose a football game and none of them are very pretty. Giving up big chunks of yardage to an average opponent and failing to make stops at critical junctures however is certainly one of the more annoying ways to do it. If Matt Barkley completed a couple of […]

Minnesota Power Runs vs. USC Defense

As expected in week 3 Minnesota took a cue from previous teams to beat USC and tried to run right at the Trojan defense. Last week as noted Virginia had considerable success running various power plays in their loss to USC. The strategy worked reasonably well for keeping them in the game. Last season Stanford […]

USC Base Defensive Fronts

I am just starting a new collection of basic defensive fronts used by USC. Here are the three most common fronts you will see USC use during the course of a game. Keep in mind that defensive personnel groupings (4-3 or 3-4) as loosely tossed around by the media mean almost nothing to coaches who […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 2

In a previous post I threw up some slides from a Monte Kiffin presentation on his defensive philosophy. Let’s take a closer look at some of what he actually does on defense based upon some video from last season at Tennessee versus Ohio.

For starters here is three minutes of some video. Coaching film is courtesy […]

Monte Kiffin Defensive Philosophy - Part 1

Here are some simple notes on what USC fans can expect from a Monte Kiffin defense in 2010. I don’t think it will be all that different from a Pete Carroll defense but I think Kiffin is probably better at teaching technique and getting the most out of his players. We’ll see what happens in […]