Oregon Gun Triple Option Plays

Here is a closer look at the Oregon Gun Triple Option plays they tried to run versus Auburn in the BCS title game. When I saw them motion to this formation on the second play of the game I sat up and took notice. My instincts told me that the staff had probably realized during […]

2008 Oregon Rush Attack - Outside Zone

Here is the companion play to the inside zone option play run by Oregon. These two plays combined represent over half the Ducks rushing attack. I’ll put up samples of other run plays I caught in the 2008 Holiday Bowl versus Oklahoma State in a couple more days as I think those are as interesting […]

2008 Oregon Rush Attack - Inside Zone

As Chip Kelly mentioned in his Nike Coach of the Year article on the Oregon rush attack just over half the rush attack is simple execution of the inside zone and outside zone run plays from different formations. Deducing from his speech comments you can derive the following regarding the 2008 season:

Run Type
Avg. Gain
Total Yards

Inside […]

2008 Oregon Rush Attach - Fly Sweep

As Chip Kelly mentioned in his coaching article the bread and butter plays for the Oregon rush attack in 2008 were the inside zone read option and the outside zone stretch play. Unfortunately he chose not to comment on the other interesting aspects of the Oregon rush attack.

2008 Oregon Rush Attack - Counter Play

Down below here are some images of the Oregon counter play video I posted a few days ago. I had not really noticed initially but the Oregon version of the counter play looks a little different from the old Nebraska version or the Joe Gibbs Era Redskin’s version from the NFL. (Edit Note: Per […]

Oregon Inside Zone Read of 3 Technique DT

With some relief I doubt that USC will face this play again the remainder of the season. However for those interested here is the Oregon run play that I think just gives opposing teams terrible fits. Jeremiah Masoli ran this multiple times versus USC for big yardage and I recall that Oklahoma State had a […]

2008 Oregon Rush Attack - Chip Kelly Comments

The Oregon Ducks own the most successful rush attack in the Pac-10 the past two seasons. You can see the marked improvement in the run game since the arrival of former OC / current head coach Chip Kelly. In both of the past two seasons Oregon has averaged over 250 rush yards per game.

2009 Oregon Masoli Runs vs USC Defense

I will circle back to this game when the season is over and look at every drive in detail for both the offense and the defense. I don’t have a lot to say about this game except that it was a complete victory for Oregon. USC seemed to play with confidence the first […]