2001-2010 USC Main Offense Trends

Here is how the USC offense stacked up in 2010 compared to past Trojans teams since 2001. As shown here the USC offense in 2010 was off to a great start averaging 470 yards and 35 points per game through the first two thirds of the season. Then the wheels fell off the final part […]

2001-2010 USC Main Defense Trends

Here is a look at how the 2010 USC defense compared to previous squads. There was very little good about the 2010 defense. The squad closed on a betterĀ  note versus UCLA but overall it was among the worst units ever to set foot on the field for the Trojans. Here is how the squad […]

2010 Offense Game by Game Trends

I finally got around to updating the 2010 USC stats on a game by game basis for some basic areas. The offense was pretty strong through about through seven games averaging 35 points per game scoring and 470 yards of offense. Unfortunately it then fell off a cliff due to injuries, mistakes, bad execution, and […]

2010 Defense Game by Game Trends

In 2010 at least the USC offense has a a seven game stretch where it looked in good shape at times (see trends). However the defense in contrast did not even have a stretch of 7 quarters let along 7 games where it looked good in 2010. This was by far the worst defense played […]

Game 6 USC Offense Trends

The USC defense is unfortunately doing a nice job of spoiling what is an otherwise pretty good year for the Trojan offense. Six games marks the half way point for the season and the USC offense surprisingly compares very favorably to the recent past. Usually the numbers go down slightly the second half of the […]

USC Disruptive Play Trends

Just for the heck of it I created a fictitious stat called “Disruptive Plays” or DP’s for short to see how USC was doing over the past few years. I also wanted to know who was the most disruptive player from a career point of view as well as a single season average per game […]

2008 CFB Stats - Correlation to Wins (Offense)

Here is the flip side of the previous look I took at college football stats and winning. This time I’ll list the 2008 season ending stats using ten different offensive categories for all 119 Division I teams and see how the numbers turn out. (Note: Again I don’t put a ton of faith in the […]

2008 CFB Stats - Correlation to Wins (Defense)

Here is a review that I like to perform on the NCAA’s college football statistics to see on paper at least what correlates with winning. For clarification purposes I would not put a ton of stock in the following results as odd as that may sound. I conduct this check partly out of curiosity and […]