Kansas State Wildcat Play: Zone Counter

After setting teams up with their bread and butter split zone play out of the Wildcat formation Kansas State likes to come back with the zone counter play. Here is the video and a short description.

Time Out

I won’t be posting much the rest of the season. We have welcomed a new member of the family into the world and with three little ones now there just are not enough hours in the day. Something has to give and this website will have to wait. I’ll update USC offensive and defensive trends […]

Mark Sanchez QB Footwork Drills

Ran across this short clip of former USC QB Mark Sanchez with one of his former coaches working on his footwork. Nice 30 second clip to watch if interested in drills.

Down for Site Maintenance

Apologies to all Trojan Football Analysis visitors. We will be down for a few days for site maintenance reasons. I am switching web hosts and I am setting up the site from scratch again due to security and convenience concerns. I should be able to restore all files and have things […]

TFA Site Update

Well it has been a very trying  past week for me to say the least. For those that have visited this site in the last month or so you may have received warnings from either Google or your browser that this site was suspected of hosting malware. This happened to me once about a year […]

Texas Tech Air Raid - Screen Game

I don’t have any more examples for the down field aspect of Texas Tech’s Air Raid offense. I think the plays listed in the previous posts represent the majority of the concepts. No doubt there are a couple more I just don’t have ready examples. Air Raid is often characterized as a down field passing […]